Catacomb Corridor Materials - Substance Designer

Here are some clear sphere renders of some of the materials that I made for the Catacomb Corridor scene:

I should mention that this is not 100% done in Substance Desginer: The skulls and bones are baked from the hi-poly sculpts I made for the skeletons in the scene. So I baked those models into an atlas, and created some ad-hoc nodes to extract each separate skull and bone so I could use their height maps in my graphs. I also included the skeleton I use in the scene, which is procedural textured in Substance Designer, except for the baked map inputs. But everything else is made completely and 100% in Substance Designer.

Check my Polycount WiP thread if you want to see some of my process:

Daniel swing cryptdirt danielswing
Daniel swing cryptmud danielswing
Daniel swing cryptmuddycobblestone danielswing
Daniel swing cryptcobblestone danielswing
Daniel swing cryptstonebricka danielswing
Daniel swing cryptstonebrickb danielswing
Daniel swing cryptskulls danielswing
Daniel swing cryptbones danielswing
Daniel swing cryptskeleton danielswing

A material I made in Substance Designer: It takes the baked Normal, AO and Curvature as inputs and creates this procedural bone texture along the mesh.