Catacomb Corridor

Deep down, were roots don't reach...

All modular assets are tessellated and displaced with height-maps, ray traced distance field shadows for lighting and every material consists of two composite texture maps.

This was supposed to be a short and bare boned project (pun intended), but the ideas just kept coming, I wanted to try new things... and here we are.

I'd like to thank everyone who has given me feedback through out the project, in my WiP thread on Polycount, on the Mentor Coalition and DiNusty discord servers, and everywhere else. It means a lot to me that you took time out of your life to give compliments and/or feedback on the project.

Link to my WiP thread:

Daniel swing highresscreenshot01
Daniel swing highresscreenshot02
Daniel swing highresscreenshot03
Daniel swing highresscreenshot04
Daniel swing highresscreenshot05
Daniel swing highresscreenshot06
Daniel swing highresscreenshot07
Daniel swing highresscreenshot08
Daniel swing highresscreenshot09
Daniel swing highresscreenshot10
Daniel swing highresscreenshot11
Daniel swing highresscreenshot12
Daniel swing highresscreenshot13
Daniel swing highresscreenshot14